Foo Fighters


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Titel Score Type Jaar Uitgever
Concrete And Gold Full CD 2017 RCA
Concrete & Gold LP 2017 RCA RECORDS LABEL
Down in Toronto Full CD 2015 Sonic Boom
Echoes Silence Patience & Grace Full CD 2007 Roswell/RCA
Foo Fighters Full CD 1995 Rosswell/Kapitol
Greatest Hits Compilatie 2009 RCA
In your honor Full CD 2005 Bertelsmann Music Group/RCA
One by one Full CD 2002 Roswell/RCA
Saint Cecilia EP Full CD 2015 RCA
Sonic Highways Full CD 2014 Roswell/RCA
The Colour and the Shape Full CD 1997 The Colour and the Shape
There is nothing left to lose Full CD 1999 Roswell/RCA
Wasting Light Full CD 2011 Roswell/RCA

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