Zita Swoon


16 CDs gevonden Nog één toevoegen

Titel Score Type Jaar Uitgever
A Band in a Box Full CD 2005 Chikaree
A Song About A Girls
Full CD 2004 Chikaree Records
Big Blueville
Full CD 2008 Chikaree Records
Big City
Full CD 2007 Chikaree Records
Couldn't She Get Drowned Full CD 0
Disco! Adventures Full CD 1999 WEA
Giving Up the Hero Full CD 1997 [PIAS]
I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress
Full CD 1998 Warner Music Benelux
Life = A Sexy Sanctuary
Full CD 2001 Warner Music Benelux
Live at the Jet Studio, Brussels Full CD 2001 WEA
Maria MaxiCD 1999
Music inspired by Sunrise, a film by F.W Murnau
Full CD 1997 Chikaree + PIAS
Plage Tattoo / Circumstances Full CD 2000 WEA
Plage Tattoo/Circumstances Full CD 2000 Chikaree + Warner Music Benelux
To Play, To Dream, To Drift (cd 1) Compilatie 2009 Chikaree Records
To Play, To Dream, To Drift (cd 2) Compilatie 2009 Chikaree Records

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