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La Rissa was a "project" put together and released by Warlock/Aureus records centering around the song I Do Both Jay And Jane. The vocal for the song song was originally recorded by an unknown girl in New York (presumably named La Rissa) who allegedly wanted nothing to do with the finished version because of her distaste for dance music. It has been suggested that neither the writers nor the original vocalist ever recieved payment for their work on I Do Both Jay And Jane.

While the single was taking off and becoming a moderate hit, a second girl, Kenji, was brought in to make appearances as La Rissa, including the Cindy Margolis show and New York radio station KTU's Ultimate Dance Party.

When Kenji became pregnant, the record label brought in semi-established singer Eyra Gail to continue to make appearances and record a second single, "Someone To Love Me", under the La Rissa name. Eyra Gail began work on a La Rissa album, however, shortly after she was brought in to replace Kenji, the producers and DJs apparently lost interest and gave up on the La Rissa project, and Eyra Gail went on to record the remainder of the album, which was released under her name instead, minus the two La Rissa singles.

DJ Swift, one of the DJs that supported the La Rissa project's live appearances has said the original team behind the La Rissa project has been in talks to reunite in 2012, however it's unclear whether this will include Kenji or another female vocalist for the material that would be produced.

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