BAND INFO: Aleixa is a Christian industrial band that mixes in aspects of hard techno, dance, and melodic metal guitars. Aleixa, consisting of Kevin 131 and Laurel Snapper (with April Lassiter to help out on the vocals), was formerly known as "Sorrow of Seven". Sorrow of Seven released 3 demo tapes from 1991 to 1994. They changed their name to Aleixa and released the debut album "Honey Lake" in 1995. After a brief stay with the famous Christian industrial label Flying Tart Records, Aleixa went over to the up-and-coming Bulletproof Records to release "Disfigured" in 1999. Kevin 131, the programmer and musical force behind Aleixa, has helped out many other Christian industrial acts. He was a temporary guitarist for the Christian industrial pioneer band Deitphobia and helping out with Argyle Park.


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Aleixa spreek je uit als ah-LEE-kah

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