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ZZ Top - Viva! Las Vegas lyrics

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Spoken: Y`all still want me to come with you?
Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire
There`s a whole lot of money that`s ready to burn
So get those stakes up higher.
There`s a thousand pretty women just a-waitin out there,
And they`re all livin` devil-may-care.
I`m just the devil with a love to spare.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas.
Spoken: Ah, thank-ya very much baby.
And how I wish that there were more
Than twenty-four hours in the day.
But even if there were forty more,
I wouldn`t sleep a minute away.
Oh, there`s blackjack and poker and a roulette wheel.
A fortune won and lost on every deal.
All you need`s a strong heart and a nerve of steel.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas with your neon flashin`,
And your one-armed bandits crashin`
All those hopes down the drain.
Viva Las Vegas turnin` day into nighttime,
Turn the night into daytime,
If you see it once, you`ll never come home again.
I`m gonna keep on the run,
I`m gonna have me some fun,
If it costs me my very last dime.
If I wind up broke,
Then I`ll always remember that I had a swingin` time.
I`m gonna give it everything I`ve got.
Lady Luck please let the dice stay hot.
Let me shoot a seven with every shot.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva Las Vegas.
Viva, Viva.
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Author: Pomus-Shuman

Composer: ?

Publisher: Warner Bros Records Inc.


Released in: 1997

Language: English

Appearing on: Greatest Hits + Bonus Track Breakaway (1992) , Collection (2003) , Goin' 50 (2019) , Greatest Hits (1992) , Viva Las Vegas (1987) , Zz Top Greatest Hits (1992) , Incinerator (1997) , Gimme All Your Lovin' (1997) , Zz Top Rock Legends (2002) , Chrome, Smoke & Bbq (4 Of 4cd Box Set) (2003) , Chrome, Smoke & Bbq (2003) , Chrome, Smoke And Bbq (2006) , The Very Baddest Of (2014) , The Very Baddest Of (2014) , Chrome, Smoke & BBQ (2003) , Rancho Texicano (2004)

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