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The swisher papers got me dying so I practice smoking squares

And I see death around the corner so I'm quick to say a prayer

Living my life on the corner with thugs selling my drugs known as a chiller

But push my button watch your life cause I transform to a killer

Me sipping the drink me smoking me dank me tipping me herb and formaldehyde

Open it all of me niggas are ready to ride

Could I be innocent till proved guilty by Judge Judy, 

but the fact remains, they confiscated my weed and my uzi

Now I'm in correctional facilities, living raw

sharing a cell with the niggas that I whupped on in the free world

but ain't a god damn thing changed I'm still breaking a jaw

Ain't fin to lose no sleep, over nan one of y'all, one of y'all with fours

Could run up on me, and I guarantee that one of y'all gonna fall

I'm just here to do my time, not to trouble you, but I'ma drop

These jealous haters until they hear 1-9-3-2-0-7-0-6-8-T-W

In the free world one more god damn gin, causing havoc and fury

I'ma be popping pills, smoking that kill and for the members of the jury

Cause vengeance is mine, but I'm locked down, feeling forsaken

And my pen is mightier than the sword because my tools have been taken

Straight from the streets of Houston Texas yes my freedom they took it

But motherfuckers can't take my will to survive nigga

I'm Z-Ro the Crooked


In the wicked world, here come the champion, look out, look out

Abra cadabra, and running with the gun in me hand, look out, look out


Hallucinations are tricking me, making me think I'm about to die

Could it be that fire that somebody really have a 3-54 plus three pointed at me

They giving me stitch of rectangles and squares

asking me what does this mean to me

but I'm ready for the combat give me my motherfucking law back

Bitch I don't want no needles in me, y'all thinking I mean it, trying to do me

In a room full of ever men taking my mind to a place that I never been

But I'm a soldier roamed the battlefield, in the middle of the war

You either have to die or have to kill, so I ain't guilty motherfucker

Raise up off of my N-U-T's, cause you can't harm me

Everlasting, I'm ever blasting I recking you better get the army to swarm me

Because the Indonesia canibus helps me tackle the pain

But I'm getting so weak because I'm shackled in chains

Now my brain is going insane, feeling like my spirit is about to get evicted

Cause I'm a victim of a world so wicked, time and time

I ask myself why did they turn the heat up, I was chasing paper

But niggas was jealous because they couldn't keep up

I'm Z-Ro the Crooked


I ain't ditching old punk ass nigga

Look in my motherfucking eyes nigga

Till I die, I'ma be real


Show me a mercy overwhelmed in deep distress

Although I realize it's nothing but a test, but I can't take it

Cause my brain is going insane lately, see how many

Enemies that I have and how viscously they hate me

Deliver my life from they power forgive my sins, see my sorrow, feel my pain

Let it never be said I trusted you in vein

Long as I'm walking this earth my problems go from bad to worse

And I know it's gonna be that way until they lower my casket in the dirt

But all I'm asking for is just a little piece of mind, and I know 

That if I keep the faith it shouldn't be hard for me to find

But my mind is hard to turn the other cheek, could of been a wise man

Because of the revelation of scripture that I speak

Everyday for twenty motherfucking years

A nigga been facing so many fears, and nothing shedding so many tears

But dear Sandra don't cry, all I can say is if they kill me I took it

But even in death I'm victorious they couldn't fade me

I'm Z-Ro the Crooked
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