Zero - M-16 lyrics

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(feat. Mike D & Dougie D) 


M-16, I'm reloading my magazine 

And I will murder, every bumper clot run 

Keep my hand, on my gun 


[Mike D:] 

Don't worry, the Hogg gon get it cracking round here 

And I know I'm talking loud enough, for all y'all to hear 

This H-Town Texas, we ain't breeding no homos 

Get a banger to you matrix style, trick in slow-mo 

I'm the gun range stayer, 45 payer 

No question where I'm from, cause I'm a Southside Playa 

Got juice by the gallo', earvoes by the layer 

Rubberband every thou', 3rd Ward youngest Mayor 

Extended clips extra drums, for the K and the calico 

Catch bag for the A-R, wet up your whole car 

You talking like you want it, but you really don't want war 

It's reg baby, in battlefield go 

I'm out on two bonds, and parole don't know 

So have your heart right trick, when you stepping to Mike D 

I'ma b-braid your hair, then reload the magazine 

Hit you with sixteen, then flee the murder scene 



Now of the situation get sticky, I got this nigga playing thirty eight 

A snub nose, that'll increase the murder rate 

I heard they hating on a nigga, but I'm use to em 

I sent this message by this bitch, to break the news to him 

That y'all done fucked, with the wrong one 

I got short patience, and a long gun 

And I don't talk shit, I spark's it and I bust brains 

And I don't play, no fucking games 

Nigga I could make it happen, while you popping that shit 

Squeeze a trigga, till ery'body drop in this bitch 

Ain't no stopping this shit, once it get's to jumping 

You get my heart pumping, the adrenaline pumping 

I see me dumping, on motherfuckers 

Empty the clip, and get to stomping a motherfucker 

And I won't be disrespected, by none of these youngsters 

I got my hand I got pass, I got a trunk bitch a liver pump 



Is it me glock 40, pump-pump-pump-pump nope 

Is it me 45, pump-pump-pump-pump nope 

Is it me 3-57, pump-pump-pump-pump nope 

Me M16, taping off the murder scene 

Inhaling potent doja, with muddy cup of codeine 

Me people don't even play me close, cause them don't know me 

Me don't want no company, me kick it with me lonely 

And will murder anyone of you snitches, run up on me 

But my grandmother didn't raise a killer, she raised up a Christian 

But the fact that I was already down, and people kept kicking 

Made me crazy, that's why I got no love for nobody lately 

And I told y'all once before, none of my weapons have a safety 

Ru-run up on me once, I'ma beat your ass down 

Ru-run up on me twice, I'ma heat your ass down 

Place you in another dimension, nobody can see you now 

Rest in peace, I'm the king of the streets yeah 

[Hook x2]
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