Z-man - Z-Mutiny ! lyrics

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I don't think so rellie

z-dazzle, goin' mutiny

dont y'all get in his way

whassup man

he's lethal, bustin through people

get the fuck up out of his way


give me that motherfuckin black n mild

so I can break it in half

and shove it up your ass

with a genuine draft

and ride off on a giraffe

till its legs is broke

sit alongside of the bay and watch those legs float

wit' a message in a bottle but instead its a rap

you tryna battle?

recieve this one and float me one back

you thinkin too slow, you got peanut butter for brains

my brain look like terrain wit' airplane stains and it don't stop

'til my veins poesy strange

I'm always in your pockets, my name is spare change

no tattoos, my skin is too, pretty for that shit

my permanent paint job and california accent is catchy

the flow is like jumpin onboard

there ain't enough o's in smooth to describe the art

a frisco vet, please don't give me an acapela

i'll explode like a seagull that swallowed and alka-seltzer

and touch anything beauty queen, I might behave

you can stick your newborn inside the microwave

Cause I'm afraid it might grow up to be the shit

and right now, I'm satellite and I refuse to quit

[chorus: Z-Man]

z-dazzle goin' mutiny

dont y'all get in his way

you know I'm sayin

he's lethal bustin through people

get the fuck up out of his way

whassup man


never tuckin' chains, duckin' flames

go ahead and bust, your freestyle sucks

I ain't buyin' you lunch plus

me and - the only project cats you kick it with

yea you are what you eat and you eatin chicken shit

call me the last letter (last letter) full of anthrax

relaxed on a bed of thumbtacks

here to catch these halos

fallin outa heaven I'm collectin by the box though

cut the circle and then stretch 'em, errrie

sharpen up the edges and sell 'em as horns

to anybody rappin, so the cycle goes on

I'm in your project, pissin on your bellbottoms

helss got 'em 20 below, in the chokehold

- - -, don't you tell on em, memorize your freestyle trick

I need a new drug to help me forget you exist

you was crooked as I and I'm fly, I might fall out the sky

and so high, full on heron, I might just die

keepin it natural, pushin sheep, wine out the pisshole

and never do a show wit'out a bottle of cisco

catch me, I'm mutiny

lookin serious writing these lyrics

about rappers and dead bodies, I'm holdin they spirits

waitin on payment

[chorus: Z-Man]


hangin the wax, relaxin is not on the agenda

you can tell what the eat jack its on the antenna

not even trippin, you do a lot of squashin and squishin

the ghost of every roach still haunts your kitchen

ooh shit, shoulda been on lyricist lounge

but no, you cats is stuck in the tree afraid to get down wit' z

scrapin' off your makeup bro

you don't need caffine, I'm the wakeup show

without the sways and the techs, I'm respected on beats

I used to be stiff on a beat now I'm sick on a beat

recording at elon's, call it the 12th planet

moss laced the track and I'm z-dazzle god damnit

[chorus: Z-Man]
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