Y.Lam - Fly Away lyrics

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My life, all the things that I've achieved
So much pride and full of dreams
There's no better way to live
But I need you there for me
More than anything else that I'll ever need

Sometimes when I'm alone
I throw my hands upon the sky
To the heavens up above
I pray that you'd be mine forever
I will do anything I won't miss the chance

So I will go
May it be a journey to corners of the world?
If I had a pair of wings
Then nothing can stop me now
As I lift from the ground

If I could just fly away
To the place I wanna stay
And with you is where I wanna spend the rest of my days
If I could just fly away
I don't care how long it takes
Forever doesn't seem so long
Because I know one day I'll be with you
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