Yes - Yes

Yes - Yes

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Published by: Atlantic Records

Published in: 1969

Release type: Full CD

About this Album:

Genre: Progressif Rock

Year: 1971


1.Yours is no disgrace 9:36

2.The Clap 3:07

3.Starship Trooper 9:23

a.Life Seeker



4.I've Seen All Good People 6:47

a.Your Move

b.All Good People

5.A Venture 3:13

6.Perpetual Change 8:50


John Anderson: Vocals/Percussion

Chris Squire: Bass Guitar/Vocals

Steve Howe: Electric & Accoustic guitars/Vachalia/vocal

Tony Kaye: Piano/Organ/Moog

Bill Bruford: Drums/Percussion

This album is the first where Steve Howe appeared for Yes and played the famous "Clap". I do believe it's one the best album they ever made. That's also the first album I listen from Yes and I discovered their wonderful music.

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Sunday 15th of February 2004 00:38

Year: 1969

Genre: progressive-jazzy rock


1.Beyond And Before 4:50

2.I See You 6:33

3.Yesterday And Today 2:37

4.Looking Around 3:49

5.Harold Land 5:26

6.Every Little Things 5:24

7.Sweetness 4:19

8.Survival 6:01


Bill Bruford-Drums, vibes
Tony Kaye-Organ, piano
Peter Banks-Guitar, vocals
Chris Squire-Bass, vocals
John Anderson-Lead singer and incidental percussion

Produced by Paul Claye and Yes

That is the first Yes album and it doesn't sound like the band you can know if you listen first to Relayer or Tales From Topographic Ocean.
That's good stuff but you can feel it sometimes long or very boring... That's why I don't find it "excellent".