YahZarah - Same Page lyrics

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[Spoken intro:]
Love neve fails, it's the things you do
And never really the things you say
I wanna know love, with or without you
Inhale peace, exhale joy
Know love
Are you part of my plan?

I wanna know love
Inhale peace, exhale joy
Know love
Are you part of my plan, man? ah
'Cuz according to faith,
Things are gonna get better, oh, yeah
Are you part of my plan, man?
Are we on the same page?

I lit a candle late last night to think of you
Could you hear me?
(Could you hear me just come out of my head?)
Oh, I tried to bring myself to you
But you never hear me, no, no, no


I was in love with you, you were chillin'
While I am catchin' the feelings
It's cool (it's cool, see it's cool)
'Cuz I release you, oh
Love is only love when your heart understands
And you mind is reconciled, ahh, ahh, ahhh, ah


Oh tell me why you rip this world apart
Oh no, yeah
Ahh, I need to know why you try to hurt me
Yeahh, yeahh, yeahh, oh, ohhh, oh


I don't want to beg you won't move
To change
No, I think I've done enough so far
All I want to do is be down for you,
But you got no clue what you got to do
So I wanna know love for myself, fine

(Chorus x3)

So if you wanna know love
Oh it's me
If you wanna know love, it's me, yeah
'Cuz wherever the green grass grows
Wherever it grows is where I put my feet
Yeahhh, yeahhh, yeah
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