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Wise Man 
Written by Yahaloma
He was a cute little boy 
livin in the hood 
listenin to the radio
It was a bad rap song
that played all day long
that got stuck in his brain
His mom had to move to the city
It wasn't always this way
His mom had 2 jobs
He would skip school be hangin in the streets all day
Get up heed the wise man baby
Wake up don't you go the other way
Fed up with the way of the ghetto
The mind a terrible thang to waste
Get up heed the wise man baby
wake up don't you go the other way
Fed up with the way of the Ghetto
It was a dog eat dog everyday
He was smokin that weed, robbin that bling, joined a gang in jail 
that's where he ended
then one divine day 
mmm a wise man came his way
My son wisdom calls aloud in the open air if the wicked try to entice you don't go along with them but in His word you should meditate the fear of Yah is the first thang
Don't speak too soon don't be in a hurry to give voice to your words before Yah so let your words be few
The lover of money never has enough as well the one who seeks for luxury hey
and his live was changed from that moment on
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