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Yaggfu Front - Slappin' Suckas Silly (Original Mix) lyrics

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(feat. Diamond D)


Yeah, this is Diamond D this is how it's going down

My boys from North Kakalaki, Yaggfu Front, freaking all the stunts

It's the Yaggfu Front, freaking all the stunts

Stepping with the loot and hitting the blunts [x2]

[Jingle Bel]

I gets mad freaks to this beat, it's a pleasure

grammar leisure, and start motivatin concentratin

On the [DJ cuts], can you hear it?

Spin 4th diggin in nuff crates, so great

Oh golly jesus snow is handed and demanded so I supply the

one of da tings, to da vibe

I'm fly, like Jimmy's snooker with ass like TJ Hooker

So book em, Dano, voice soprano, break the glass

on the mantle, cause my flow lasts for miles like the Nile

Make the people say AOWWWWW!

And I'm a black man Egyptian lover

Pharoah bone dig dugger, skirt tugger, this is butter

Cause many bust with gimmicks so now I'm livid

So now you're forgiven

Cause way back Jack you came slack on the help

why play yourself, go play somebody else!

I got the rhymin skills and I gotta

The super fat rhymes and lines and I gotta, bo bo

for the niggaz who pop shit like gum

Do come like a penis get kicked, in the anus

Play famous, and you gets nowhere (uh-huh)

Who cares about a punk who talks junk?

You're silly

It's the Yaggfu Front, freaking all the stunts

Stepping with the loot and hitting the blunts [x2]

[Spin 4th]

Well it's the rippin rebel and ruckus sport the rhymin rap 4th Spin

Uncanny most ability to split my verse at will

I slam through the home like a photon phaser beam

While fools decay like children's teeth on Halloween

Straight from Princeton it's ridiculous rhymes live

So get up off the beach, cause I'm coming high tide

with the force of the fart of a flatulating Batman

Obese I release vocal fury (nice sack man)

Kick this in Cato, burn this in Waco

Trippest in potato, or maybe even microbe

Silicon bass like a breast up in Cali

Greedy like Rally's, cajun chicken meal

Is this kid for real?  Am I really ill?

No, this is my regular flow

So if I was to flip, you'd hear some CRAZY shit

Like how, now brown, cow, wow I'll, pow

Here is the face, come with the bass

Face case and race, you're dead!

Get away from the motherfuckin spin

So you would ask when did this nigga, begin

to get the freestyle, not really, not really

Spin 4th fool, I'm smackin niggaz silly


Ayo I'm chillin with the kids from North Kakalaka

Girl you love my bedroom made of black and lacquer

So jump to it stunt cause I got what you want

And bring three chicks for the Yaggfu front

You'll scream "Hallelujah" baby if you let me do ya

Just hold ya ankles and I'll run right through ya

Moans and groans reverb throughout the house

Forget about your worries, your son, and your spouse

Lay you the carpet, don't say stop it

I got the cord, let me plug it in your socket

Tell your moms that you're working late

I know you're strung cause the sex is great

And tell your man you need money to eat

And we can spend it on our weekend retreat

No regrets as you wipe your sweat

I got the stamina of a Vietnam vet

If the trenches, I do it on the benches

In the park, when it gets dark

Or in the crib, so save the women's lib

Cause you got the key, peace from Diamond D

Woooooooooooooo! [x4]


Flavorific, to be specific hot damn I'm spicy

There's four of us my dick is long a-bolish niggasaurus

I absorb it cause I'm forest, sporest, fuck you

I span the globe to storm like Hurricane Andrew

Super rhyme ripper clipper break a nipple tweaker

A friction equal when she meets the big heat seaker

We could cruise booze when I swing my verbal news

Extra extra lyrical setter tears your sneakers with no feature

It's the creature from the swamp, as I romp on rabblerousers

Trouble make us take a stand, as I command the sample houses

We don't pillage and raid, we take a plate and then rotate it

If it's rugged then we scoop it then truncate it then we loop it

then we drag it, the kids from Cakalak are comin with force

Mr. Spin the broken reigner, and my man from over the chorus

And the man whose name stands for, massive wide destruction

it's my instruction to combine incredible rhymes and spits ill production

It's the muddy marsh givin creeper, passin the grim reaper

Your mother and my closet keeper *beep beep beep* excuse me that's my beeper

So I think you hear me knockin and I'm comin in with the crew

That creates more tracks, than horses make glue

So, on with the who, and ninety-one to willy nilly

Huh!  Damage slappin motherfuckers sill
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