Xzibit - X guitar tab

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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 11:13:51 -0500
From: au136@chebucto.ns.ca
Subject: x/xzibit/x.tab

Artist - Xzibit (featuring Dr. Dre and Snoop dogg)
Song - "X"
Person who made this tab - Ben DeLong

I declare that figuring out the tableture for this song was the
doings of me (Ben).
This is a pretty easy song.I was watching Rapcity and I said to
myself "I bet you can't figure out this song on guitar, so then
i said "Oh Yeah?". It took me only 30 seconds to figure out.

I can't tell which tab is easier to play so you can choose on your own.

  E|------------|              E|------------------|
  B|------------|              B|-3-1-0----1-0-----|
  G|-2-2-2-2-1--|  x3          G|--------------0---|
  D|------------|              D|------------------|
  A|------------|              A|------------------|
  E|------------|              E|------------------|


you can use this tab, which ever you find easier or sounds better...

  E|------------|              E|------------------|
  B|------------|              B|------------------|
  G|------------|              G|-7-5-4----5-4-----|
  D|-7-7-7-7-6--|  x3          D|--------------5---|
  A|------------|              A|------------------|
  E|------------|              E|------------------|


or combinations of both but that might be harder.
Ben Wuz here.
Get this song at:


Author: Alvin Joiner, Andre Young, Melvin Bradford

Composer: ?

Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment


Released in: 2000

Language: English

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