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Yeah! Ladies and gentleman

Broadcastin live to you and yours

It's Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit

Yeah, bouncin, c'mon

The first day of the rest of my life

X stand behind the mic like Walker Cronkite

Y'all keep the spotlight, I'm keepin my rhymes tight

Lose sight of what you believe and call it a night

This ain't the light-weight, cake mix shit that you're used to

Teflon territory you just can't shoot through

You gon shoot who? (Who?) Not even on your best day

Rollin the Wild West way, givin it up

Leavin the whole world stuck not givin a fuck

Laid in the cut, now we break through in the rut

Hennesey and orange juice baby fill up a cup

Quick to grab Mary Jane by the butt and squeeze

Loosen up, let your hair down, and join the festivities

Overcrowd the house like lockdown facilities

Bitches be, quick to give me brains while the pistol range

Goin up and down my dick like the stock exchange

1 - (X) Rearrange the whole game with my rugged sound

(X) Won't even say your own name when I come around

(X) Stay on top but remain from the underground

(X) to the Z and we all in the family

Repeat 1

Ever since Xzibit could spit, been on some pimp shit

Approach every woman like a - potential mistress

Shine bright, make sure that X stay tight

Cause tonight I might meet my next ex-wife

Mr. Big Chief Reefer, Xzibit use his dick like a Visa

I run it through and money come out

Runnin your mouth, I'll have somebody run in your house

Ravel your spouse and have a little fun on the couch

Now you know that it was bound to happen

I came to give you what you lackin

whenever you hear them other niggaz rappin

Rockin chains, stadiums, paladiums, cracked craniums

My whole skeleton is dipped in titanium

Drop-top tinted on twenties

Usin rappers like crash test dummies, stackin real estate and money

It's funny how things change overnight when you thinkin right

I beat the odds like Ike beat on his first wife

Repeat 1 (2x)

What an event, we hardcore a hundred percent

Makin it stick, Los Angeles proudly presents

The real deal, how does it feel? No special effects

Yank the chain off of your neck, demand the respect

Now all your conversations sound strange to me

It be like everybody around me done changed but me

I stand alone on my own two feet

Stab a track, strangle the beat - Restless, no time for sleep

Niggas be weak, I'm concrete like Benjamin Grimm

It's a very thin line between a foe and a friend

Straight to the chin (Not these niggas again)

Call Doc, bounce to the spot, and slide right in

I ain't tryin to see nothing but progress, regardless

Home of the heartless, move right, remain cautious

Represent nothing but the hustle and struggle

Hennesy, rock plenty of ice, making a double, now SCREAM

Repeat 1 (2x)

[Snoop Dogg]

So there you have it; A-B-C, D-P-G-C

X to the motherfuckin Z

Mr. Xuberant, Xtravagant, Xtrordinary, Xciting, X-a-lotta

X-O with a little bit of Xtasy

X-ing your bitch-ass out if you tryin to test the G

And what's the recipe? Xcalibur weaponry

And we shoot Xceptionally

That there is hot- X marks the spot?

Fuck naw, X spots the marks

Xclamation point, niggaz!
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