Wumpscut - Vaporize lyrics

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Altered smell of blood solid spoiled human race faith is wrapped in plastic
Bags overrated live disgrace sitting on electric chair grey skies swallowing the land
We will get back what we've made falling in the deepest grave harmful vapors
Burn the air infiltrating lungs and veins crucified global mesh frozen blood and
Burnt flesh radiant darkness slaughtered eyes surtax suture acid cries fake
Existence vomit lies another mother fucker rise people tortured mortal sins
Deepless thoughtless evil scream target ruined bone to skin tell me what
To believe in tamped rotten butcher knife murder toxic hateful lies fingers triggers
Pushed to core tell me why we are living for crimson outcast freezing cries
Rabies dog hound frenzy bite middle face left to disgrace tell  me why we fuck this place
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Language: English

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