Woe, Is Me

Woe, Is Me - I. lyrics

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Timid, broken loner this ghost town
And it drained the hate from his mind
Now there's nothing left inside

Rumors, and lies, are all you've got, they're all you've got
Mother, Father, where have you been, I needed you

What have we become, mere shadows, standing alone, inside and out
This incarceration is tearing me down
This incarceration is tearing me down
Oh have I become a mere shadow standing alone, inside I cry out
Screaming I make no sound

Screams, he finds, I'm the one who haunts her dreams
Her life torn at the seams, I'm the one who haunts her
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Velocity Records (3), Rise Records (3)


Released in: 2012

Language: English

Translations: Dutch

Appearing on: Number[s] (2010)

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