Willem Vermandere

Willem Vermandere - Den Overkant & De Meditaties

Willem Vermandere - Den Overkant & De Meditaties

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Published by: Universal

Published in: 2014

Release type: Full CD

  • Den Overkant <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:48)</span> (Submit)
  • De Zwerver <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:11)</span> (Submit)
  • De Zondvloed <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:40)</span> (Submit)
  • Dreamland <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:58)</span> (Submit)
  • Vroeger <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:43)</span> (Submit)
  • Als Uw Doodsklokke Slaat <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:47)</span> (Submit)
  • Waar Was Ik <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:47)</span> (Submit)
  • Gepensioneerd <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:49)</span> (Submit)
  • Moslims <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:08)</span> (Submit)
  • Later <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:15)</span> (Submit)
  • Willems Walske <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:08)</span> (Submit)
  • De Profundis <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:54)</span> (Submit)
  • Kinderklarinetje <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:52)</span> (Submit)
  • Lamentatio <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:39)</span> (Submit)
  • Onorthodox Getokkel <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:18)</span> (Submit)
  • Macte Animo <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:50)</span> (Submit)
  • 't Is de Wind <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:47)</span> (Submit)
  • Goe Kome 't Uit <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:57)</span> (Submit)
  • Met de Brompijp <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:19)</span> (Submit)
  • Dulce Dulcimer <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(3:20)</span> (Submit)
  • Capricioso <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:34)</span> (Submit)
  • Terugblik <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:49)</span> (Submit)
  • Lichtjes Lunatiek <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(2:42)</span> (Submit)
  • Miserere <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(5:19)</span> (Submit)
  • Nocturne <span dir="ltr" class="track_duration">(4:46)</span> (Submit)
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