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Warp 11 - Montalban lyrics

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From the day he took his white suit off 
And left the midget far behind
He started taking steroids
Froze himself in time
Now he's slept the sleep of centuries
A superman from the past
From hell's heart he will stab at thee 
And get eugenic on your ass 
My friend, go
Well, he'll put things in your body
And lay your mind to waste
Quote a line from Milton
And never forget your face
Cause he's a villain cruel as Vader 
And as Merciless as Ming
He's as pissed off as a predator
It's Khan Noonien Singh 
My friend, go
Phaser fests, prosthetic chests, it's all I want to see
Some may say it's fake
But it looks real enough to me
Montalban (Ricardo) Montalban (Ricardo)
Wrath of Kahn (Me llamo) Montalban
Well, it began in episode 24 
On a ship called Botany Bay
And they marooned him on Seti Alpha 5 
But we knew he'd be back someday
Cause he's too big for television
They knew it even then
So they put him in the movie Star Trek 2 
And they should have brought him back for Star Trek 10
Starship fights, parasites, it's all I want to see
You may call him Mr. Roarke
But he's always Kahn to me
Montalban (Ricardo) Montalban (Ricardo)
Wrath of Kahn (Me llamo) Montalban
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