Soloing For Beginners - Making It Easy

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Soloing For Beginners - Making It Easy

Postby Alex1422 » Sun 20 Aug, 2006 12:16 pm

Soloing for Beginners-Making It Easy

I have been through countless tabs in which the solo is tabbed in the most ridiculous way. It forces you to fly up and down the fretboard at crazy speeds. I would advise you that if you see this, make it easy for your self. Take a DVD of any live performance you have. Watch during the solo how the guitarists hand isn?t moving all over the fretboard. His fingers are moving, but his hand is not. He will play a few bars with his hand in that position, and then move it somewhere else and play a few bars. Take for example you see this
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With that Seven, the B note, at the beginning, this may be hard to play at a high speed. Your hand will have to slide up the fretboard the 12 fret lick with the quick pull-offs. Instead of playing the B note on the E string, play it on the B string. The 12th fret is a B, and in standard tuning, will be the exact same pitch as the 7th fret on the E string. Play the lick like this:
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Your hand stays rooted around the 12th fret, without stretching more than 3 frets. That makes this an easy lick.
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Soloing For Beginners - Making It Easy

Postby rakhe » Thu 09 Nov, 2006 4:41 am

this is an alright lesson.
i think it helped me a lot with my soloing

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