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Tama Starclassic Drum gear review

Postby jared666 » Wed 22 Mar, 2006 12:35 pm

Features: 5 / 5
There are not that many features to the set but the ones that it has are good. For instance you can`t do a roll very well on the snare, the base drum it is very easy though. Tuning it easy there is no problem when I tune it, which so far has only been when I wanted to get a lower or higher sound, in turn what I`m saying is that there aren`t many times that you have to tune it if any.

Playability: 5 / 5
Everything that I want to do I can other than a easy roll on the snare. One of the greater disadvantages is the cymbals. they don`t sound great I can handle them an all it`s only the fact that they have sort of an awkward sound (I plan to replace them w/ Sabian or Zilidgen)

Quality: 4 / 5
It performs better than most of the sets that I`ve played on but there are some other ones that are better. other than the cymbals and the problem with rolls on the snare it is a great over all set not the best but one of them.

Durability: 4 / 5
The durability is good although I haven`t had it for long I don`t exactly play softly or lightly, lets just say I`ve broken some things on my set ext. Other than that it`s great with durability so yeah.

Opinion: 4 / 5
This set is good for professionals or beginers, there are actually some professionals who use the set (different cymbals of course). It is deffinately ready for live performances I have seen people use it live and it sounded good (once again different cymbals)

I`m not sure if this is the model I have I know its a full set and it starts w. star but oh well. I bought this off of a free lancer who gave up drumming, surprisingly it was only $500 for a full set cymbals and all. the main reason why I bought it is because I wanted to expand my old set, no giving me 2 bass drums, 4 high toms, 2 low toms, 1 highhat, and one snare. Anyway that is beside the point.

Tama Starclassic Drum gear review

Postby Anonymous » Mon 26 Nov, 2007 2:02 am

Features: 5 / 5
I have owned and played various wonderful kits over my 30+ years of drumming. Notably, I have owned "all-maple" Ludwigs in large Bonham sizes. I still have two Gretsch USA Maple kits from the 80s which sound great in rock and jazz sizes and configurations.

My purchasing requirements were simple - to buy the last of the great sounding slow-grown old growth Canadian Maple kits left, before all drums are manufactured in China with that mushy sounding Asian Maple. My budget was clearly not limited to a dollar amount.

Having said that, the best drums I found in my search were the Tama Starclassics. Close contenders were:

KCDC (Herb) http://www.kansascitydrumcompany.com/
Treehouse Drums (Derek) http://www.supersonicmusic.com/siteArch ... etails.php

Those drums are some of the best made custom drums period - still made with Keller Maple shells. They sound great any way they are configured, as custom drums should.

The Starclassics won because they sounded as good as anything Inullve heard in any price range, and better than nearly every drum kit Inullve ever heard. Way better than DW IMHO.

I really like diecast hoops for tunability and overall great sound. Starclassics have really innovated with their suspension system, which leaves everyone else behind with something like a RIMS suspension.

Tuning is simple, and easy so far. I prefer a higher tensioned batter head, and these drums tune up nicely.

Playability: 5 / 5
Yes, the drums are not a limiting factor for my playing.

Quality: 5 / 5
They are very resonant. If you are not prepared for this, bring a change of underwear.

Durability: 4 / 5
Starclassics are rock steady, and barely need any tuning or any other maintenance. They sound great in nearly every live situation, including in acoustically poor rooms (concrete shoebox venues, tinny strip-mall clubs, etc.) They really sound great outdoors or in larger spaces where their sound can unfold naturally.

My playing is enhanced by this high quality instrument.

Protect the lacquer to preserve their beauty, my only concern for their durability. I also bought very nice lined road cases for them.

Opinion: 5 / 5
A lifetime dream fulfilled - to play the very best gear.

Thanks, Tama. Inullm a Tama man now, after being a Gretsch guy for a long time.

Two 20X22 Starclassic Golden Sunburst Maple bass drums
10,12,14, and 16 suspended toms.

http://picasaweb.google.com/Starclassic ... MapleDrums

I have now added the matching G-maple snare drum, after hearing the great Mike M. of RLC play this baby live and in studio recordings.


I bought this kit from Guitar Center. It had been played a few times, but was kept on the shelf with the other high end kits. It sounded good after tuning, but it really sounded good once I removed the stock Evans G2 heads (they suck), replacing the tom-tom batters with Aquarian Studio-X heads, and the basses with Superkick 1 heads tuned to different pitches. I left the stock Evans G3 resonant heads on all drums - I don-t use or like mic ports.
These drums were incredibly boomy and loud, so I switched them to Superkick 2 heads to improve micing the drums. They are still loud and fat, but mic up a lot better.

I wonnullt divulge the price. The set had been there for a while, and the retailer was very willing to deal. I bought two sets, returning the unwanted duplicate pieces.

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