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Value Pac - One Way Out guitar tab

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Song: One Way Out
Artist: Value Pac
(c) 1996 Spinning Audio Vortex Publishing (BMI)

{1} {2} INTRO
4 -3--0--8-- --3--0--3--0--0-- (x4)
5 -1--3--6-- --1--5--1--5--3--
6 -0--1--0-- --0--3--0--3--1--

verse 1

4 -3--0--8--0 then back into the 2nd part of the intro (x2)
5 -1--5--6--3 (x4)
6 -0--3--0--1

verse 2

4 -3--0--8--0 You go into the chorus (x4). Then you go back into
2nd part of the
5 -1--5--6--3 (x4) intro for (x2).
6 -0--3--0--1

The chorus is the same as the verses except you hold the notes the same
amount of time.
After the 3rd verse which is the same as verses 1 and 2, you go back into the
chorus for (x4). Then there is a part that goes like this and you play it

4 -5--0--0
5 -3--5--3 (x4)
6 -0--3--1

Then you do the whole intro over again. Then you go back into the chorus for
(x4). Then the song ends.

                                                           Thanks to CJ Hendry
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Tooth & Nail Records


Released in: 1996

Language: English

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