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Value Pac - Dont Look Back guitar tab

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Value Pac
Don't Look Back
Tabbed by Anthony Trama (

* high note

Intro: A C# D *E

A                               F#                                    A
D               *E
There was such a time when regrets defind my life I could not forget about the
A                            F#                                    A
D             *E
Strung out on a limb i got me in the mess i'm in reprecautions had let me
outta gas

D                            A               C#
That was the game i played (bad mistake)
        D     D  A
now i pay
D                              A                      C#
we all know right from wrong (right from wrong)
                 D           *E
sin kills us all not anymore

      A   C# D *E
Not Me
             A                  C# D E
Cuz i'm not your slave
          A               C#      D    *E                 A   C# D *E
Just go away yeah don't ever come another day

Same chords for verse2 but palm mute the A and F# chords

Pre Chorus

Bass solo

Slide on the A string once then hit A once
then play this once

then play A C# D *E

*E      D         A
never looking back

then play chorus once and end on A
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: BEC Recordings, Spinning Audio Vortex Publishing


Released in: 1997

Language: English

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