Vacuum - Prussia lyrics

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I've been around the world
In search of my reality
To write a page in history
Centuries live in me
I walk and breathe nostalgia
A prisoner of time
I do Yes I do
Show me your paradise
I hide my own in sharp disguise
Reside up high my paradise
I do
The spear of destination
A classy colonnade
My path to contemplation
The monument I made
The glass I drank was shattered
The wound has left a scar
I pass my dream in silence
My sunset boulevard
I've been around the world
In search of my reality
I sign my page in history
I do
Leave me to pray the past
I contemplate the role I cast
And meditate the play to last
Future plans progress fast
The nation that I dreamed of
A prophecy came true
The culture that I leaned on
Replaced by something new
I leave the past behind me
Emotional divorce
The future is my savior
A magic tour de force
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