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Unqle Chriz - No Money lyrics

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1st Verse
They say money can't buy love
But ain't no women came from above
She all about the rands yeah she all about the money
If you ain't got no plan she ain't fuckin with nobody
She all about the bling bling
Only fucking with a nigga with a ching ching
She fucking with a nigga with a credit card
She just wanna ride with you she don't care how you got the car
Now she ain't fuckin with no broke niggas
All these women be the same they be gold diggers
There's only one women who cares about you
The women I'm talkin about is your mom dude
She don't care bout the money in your bank account
She the only one that holds you down when no one is around
I said it said nigga I said it
If you got no money, forget about them pretty girls
It's all about the money, it is all about the ching ching... It is all about the money
2nd verse
If you think I'm wrong Imma prove it
I hope you understand how I put it
You ain't gone think I'm stupid
Cause you fell in love with your so called cupid
If you be workin nine to five
Tell her that you quit your job cause you wanna grind
In a minute I swear you be single
You ain't never gonna see the big booty wiggle
Nigga the truth hurts
Without no money no relationship will work
Nigga these women want money
They don't give a damn about your dream the want money
They be like your dream will never put the food on the table
You can go sell drugs nigga if you able
As long as you that money
You can marry any woman you want you got it?
3rd Verse
I'm talkin bout a women I'm a witness
She don't give a damn about a nigga she know your weakness
After the shit that you been through
She gone turn around and say nigga I got my needs too
She gone leave you for a "better man"
But when you met she said "my love for you will never end"
If you ain't got money, forget about a girlfriend
If you really want it, you need a lotta cash for your girlfriend
I said it, said it, if you got no money... 
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