Ultrasonic 7

Ultrasonic 7 - lips they move

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lips they move
I can't hear
you so tight
you so near

all I want
is just one kiss
just return
what I've missed

I don't mind
you sayin' no
it's just the way
you let me go

dig your grave
just as deep as you like
cause I won't run
no, I won't hide

your lips keep movin'
I can't hear
you so far
yet so near

lord it seems
all this time
I was fooled
I've been real blind

cause love is lost
day by day
no more words
left to say

lips they move, I can't hear

you keep sayin'
you keep tryin'
you keep prayin'
and you keep lyin'

cause love is lost
day by day
you can't hear me say
I'm tired, so tired bein'
tired now

(c) Ultrasonic
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Author: Kristof Michiels, Tom Derie

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Released in: 2004

Language: English

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