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I'm sick and tired of muthafuckaz

Keep on lookin' at me round here all strange and shit

Cause I'm on the corner

Shit they on the corner, they do what they wanna do

Shit I'ma do what the fuck I wanna do

My brother Rick man he was callin' it in 1988

Shit I'ma keep on doin' every damn thang I wanna do man

I-I-I'm, man shit I'ma serve mine round this muthafucka man

I ain't scared of no muthafucka

My name Willie, my name Willie

I don't give a fuck who you is nigga, fuck what you got

I don't give a fuck how you live shawty, fuck who you shot

I don't give a fuck if you had a 30-pack in yo drawz

Come around here tryin' to slang, nigga get jacked for the raw

Yeah I'm clappin' at y'all

Niggaz ain't what they claim to us

Learned the game from us 

And try to slang cain from us (Man it was only weed!)

I don't give a fuck if it was weed, heroin, or angel dust

Don't let it happen shawty (Or what man?)

We clappin' ya shawty

We ghetto Sopranos

Us niggaz pack metals in our flanel

And go against what I said, you'll be headlinin' every channel

I got niggaz I done lost here, niggaz in the Fed's

Niggaz who swung out on them dummies that'll pull they guns out

And you wanna sneak and serve round here (Man I ain't sneakin')

I put ya down (Okay) if I catch ya, yeah part of the curb round here

It's blood, sweat, and tears round here

We was all born here, we all'll clown round here

Nigga you ain't from round here (Get the fuck from around here)

Nigga you ain't born round here (Get the fuck from around here)

And you ain't finna serve round here (Get the fuck from around here)

Nigga you ain't blood round here - catch a slug round here

Now who you say you know around here (Get the fuck from around here)

He wasn't even raised round here (Get the fuck from around here)

I ain't never seen yo face round here (Get the fuck from around here)

Man we don't play around here - we shoot AK's around here

What yo name is, tell me what yo name is

Who gave you the okay, you told ya you could slang here

(Man my brotha Rick, remember he used to call it around here)

Who dirty Rick, man that nigga been barred from round here

We ain't honored shit round here

You ain't heard, it's anybody's cut around here

And try to serve, you can lay out on the ground here

Know what I'm sayin'

I'm from the 51st Ward nigga them K's we sprayin'

We bringin' them guns round here

We bringin' them funds round here

You better listen up shawty, it ain't no fun round here

You ain't leavin' round here

With shit stacked from down here

But doctor bills lil' boy you get clapped around here

(Man don't hate on me)

Nigga where the packs of dro

Well I heard you got them blows

Better not come up on my tip servin' nothin'

I'ma get to bustin' at you hoes

You gotta go with the Calico

And a baby .380 for playin' me shady

Get a bullet to the neck not payin' they gravy

I'm crazy, see death in my scummy eyes

Flip a 15 over here, muthafuck if we ?? 25's

You about to get pissed

I'm mad doggin' you like the Grinch

I ain't gon' roll with this

Catch you servin' on this tip, I'ma steal you like you stole Christmas

Leavin' no witness, got plenty tanks

You got fire green and plenty bank

Thinkin' you bout to put some work down here

Did you ask High Beam and Bennie Franks

Them niggaz must have shut you down or somethin'

Heard you was a hoe and whooped for about 34 pounds of somethin'

Buck at you, runnin' this buildin' and tryin' to get yo cash on

I'ma scoop through the tip in a 1300 with a black mask on

Tryin' to set up shop, these shorties on my block will be so glad

Come and buy one sack, I'ma strap, stick dude up for that whole ?

Don't talk no shit, we got dum-dums round here

Get put in trunks around here

Standin' on the front smokin' a blunt and get caught around here
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