Twista - Me And You lyrics

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Look at the plush, truck, women'll blush
Especially when I bust "Adrenaline Rush", crush, pennin from us
Venomous flowin is hard, look at the ice, oh, look at the walk
In the presence of a god, see how he thinks, oh, look how he talks
And I'ma come with the style, most of 'em like, then, most of 'em bite
Whether they go write it down, or spit it then, they, move a device
Niggaz could never compete, they lesser than me, I'm, destined to be
Run the Midwest and the reason the lesson'll be, one of the best in the streets
Takin a lesson from me cause I'm wreckin the beat, a molecular special MC
If you wanna take it and be, with knowledge of self, there's no better weapon than me
And I hope you got the kush, gimme the woods, cause, I gotta smoke
And if you don't got the dough, then it'll be, adios, I gotta go
Unless you got somethin to say, look at the time, no, look at the mind
Don't think about what I'ma do if it ain't about money or you don't say nothin divine
I'm [?] that you in the way, I wanna get, that, power and guap
Remember I used to get break, now I don't sleep, nope, now I don't stop
I do it for me and you
They wanna know why do I work work (c'mon)
Why do I smoke? So I could be turnt turnt (c'mon)
Why do I grind? So we can floss floss (c'mon)
And why do I shine? Because I'm a boss boss
I do it for me and you... c'mon
I do it for me and you... c'mon
I want you to visualize and just, look at the stage, look at the bright lights
C'mon; look at the rage, look at the night life
Listen to a dope individual, not one of them niggaz who flowin so pitiful
Hopin that you would do so when you bring the attention your focus is critical
Snappin like a Kodak'll be, hope you get the picture, now Twista you notice I beast
Don't flow after me, I'll eat 'em up and then say "Bon appétit"
And it'll be so depressin if I talk about everything that bother me
Millionaires livin in the same country as people in poverty
So fuck you and your opinion, I'm on my own dominion
Street scriptures, hieroglyphics that ain't the book of the Gideons
An infinite era I'm in, travellin through a multiverse
Keepin it smooth, I tell a motherfucker come insult me first
Can I get ahead of us and I can see you be scared of us
And you be talkin et cetera, et cetera, but everybody'll know what you spit is a replica
of what I do so I'ma just stay hot
And I be makin the cash, and when she ask why I'm away a lot
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