Tripping Daisy

Tripping Daisy - Noose

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the people around me have all spoken
 I am the one slipping and sliding
 when there's a noose looking for you
 YEAH......HA HA HA YEAH......

 now that the smoke has all flown away
 the people around me have all floated down stream
 and I am there choking on bubbles..bubbles..
 bubbles.. bubbles
 when there's a noose looking for you

 YEAH.......HA HA HA YEAH..... now that my skin is all frozen
 the ants will eat me tell I'm a carcass..bones still
 laying in forms as I was chosen

 and all at once the noose is you
 it's hard to move when the noose is you
 when all along the noose is you
 there's no more noose looking for you
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Island Records Inc.


Released in: 1995

Language: English

Appearing on: I Am an Elastic Firecracker (1995)

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