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Tracy Chapman - Devotion lyrics

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If I am right
If I can be
Constant and faithful
You`ll find me

In my devotion
In my devotion

What if you find a fault
Between my purpose and my deeds
And deem me beyond salvation
Judge me to be unworthy

Of your devotion
Of your devotion

If this be obsession deliver me
A passing infatuation deliver me
A feeling lacking in purity deliver me
A test of fidelity deliver me
Deliver me
Deliver me

What if I should find
You`re no good for me
What if I can`t be strong enough
What if I can`t break free

Of my devotion
Of my devotion
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: ?


Language: English

Translations: French , Dutch

Appearing on: Telling Stories (2000)

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