Townes Van Zandt

Townes Van Zandt - When Shes Acting This Way guitar chord

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D                G
Like silence she stands
Like laughter she falls
From a castle of sand
Like a memory she calls.
And the mocking birds scream
'Cause they can't make her cry
               A          G
They'll soon start t'believe
That the lady has died.

Aw what it all goes to show			Take your Tinkerbell lies
It ain't may job to say				And your weary desires
For who am I to know				Take the tears in your eyes
Why She's Actin' This Way			And your cup full of fire

Aw once again turn away			    Aw give your lover a call
If you're sure that it's done		If your legs start to fail
Tell your prophets to pray			And he'll come break your fall
Tell your bandits to run			With a bed full of nails.

Take your eyelids of stone			No need to glance back again
They won't do you no harm			There ain't nothin' to see
Take your cross made of bones		Just this drunken old man
And your flypaper arms.				And this woman and me.

And when everything's placed		And you've made it quite plain
In your coffin of gold				That we're just waistin' time
Throw a scarf 'round your face		And you say it seems strange
'Cause the subway gets cold			That I'm stayin' behind.

Pack up your sunflower smile		But don't worry 'bout me
And your bandana blues				I can make it alone
Take your worthless denials			'Cause I got no place to be
They're all you got left to loose.	And I ain't far from home.
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