Tønes - Too Late lyrics

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Too late
Gone by
Up into the bright blue sky
I called you
Didn’t come quick enough

Too late
A shiny glimpse we might have shared
Gone away
On its moment in flight
Oh ….too late
Such is fate
Hokus pokus our heads were unfocused
Have you missed the bus
That leaves just one of us

This trait now sweetie  might just leave you in a muddle
Under their breath you know they’l diss you and cuss you
When you’re late
You’re late
Too late
Too late
Too late
Too late
Could it be later than you think
Do you think
Ah do you think you’l make a change
Do your frustrations keep you underneath the weather
Is your baby late
Did something on your bike break
That’s when I miss my mate

Too late
Ah oh and you’re sorry
Just one more story
So you’ve missed the bus
That leaves just one of us
And who’s missing all the magical moments
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