Tønes - Love Power lyrics

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Check it down down.....check it out
Love is gunnin for you yeh
If you want to fly check it out tonight
Love power ooh its coming to you
Love power to you
Just believe in....don't doubt the world tonight
Just believe in....chance
Darlin don't think twice count to two
Let it feel alright just to let yourself go
Love power bop along baby till we see the light
Love power the light
Love power a little hydrazine rocket fuel
Gonna get your jets going check it downtown
Mama I've got a pane in my window
Checking out the scene,
Then there's television in between
When the love thing comes
And the gate swings loose
Ain't no place I can hide I gotta get loose
Love power's unpredictable appearance comes
When you least expect it you get selected
Magnificent you'd best respect it
If you're going to check it out check it out t'nite
Because true love happens maybe once in a life
Love Power chorus..........
Yeh check it down......check it out
Love power bop along baby till we see the light
Love power the light....Love power
Its like hydrazine a little rocket fuel gonna
Get your jets blowin get your jets blowin boy
Check it on downtown now
Love power if you wanna fly check it down tonight
Check it out check it down now check it down
Check it down now................Love Power rep's
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