Tønes - Doctor Dolly lyrics

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aaahh who’s the best doctor
Doctor Dolly how do you do
I’ve been trying to see you
My spots and coughs and cuts and scrapes
I’ve nursed them all without you
Im not tripping on drugs or nothing I need a moment with you
Doctor Dolly if you’ll see why my hearts ticking out of time
S.Y.N.C. It might be syncing with you
Doctor Dolly where have you been with your case of medicine
Don’t you take a house call anymore
I fantasize you find me lying on the floor
You feel my pulse so softly and diagnose whats got me
L.O.V.E little honey , its got me in the heart
It gets me in the knees
Oh Doctor doctor I say mercy
I say it only for you now
You say aah I say aah
Oh Doctor Dolly little MD
Nice of you to see me
When I think of health I start to swell
Ah ah It doesn’t feel like something isn’t well
Its just something unusual
I need to share this with you
Doctor Dolly do you know why, do you know why

Its you in your linen white coat
Doctor Dolly ICU
Good Dolly doctor I think I’m feeling faint
oh please stick around

Doctor Dolly I’m trusting you
I wonder if you’ll treat me nice
Tap your little hammer on my knee
You could put me under resuscitate me
Just wake me up in time for tea
Your doctor patient relationship Doctor Dolly oh yeh
Is safe with me
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Language: Dutch

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