Tønes - Change The World(The Poor Peoples Song) lyrics

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A little gnome never came around
To shine his little light
And show me what path to take in my life
Here I am
And I celebrate the world around me
All the people that have learned to live and help each other
No oge egos
There are some people that do good
And some that just do gold
Save it all up for a rainy day
But the imperial out house you can’t take it with you
While the black tea flows you listen to the jingle
Oh oh oil man
But it comes from the earth and some people starving
The economy feels your whip
While the oil and the taxman slide and slip away
CEO’s how about some help for the working man
As you live so comfortably its pretty much a guarantee
That you’ve got bucks enough to help a few unlucky ducks
If your corporate plan can share a little
The world can’t go on this way
This is not about the business you’re in
It’s about we’re all one planet
C’mon and share
It’s the 21st century you’d think by now we’d think collectively
You fellas on top how much do you need
Share a little jingle with the poor folks that’s all
A genuine protest song coming from the poor people
The poor people the poor people
If you’re making money off the planet
Might as well share it with the poor people
If we could change the world
And what comes from the earth just a little bit
Share the profit off it
And help a brother feel a little less pain
If a little bit of love could take the place of our money
If a little bit of love could take the place of our money
If a little bit of love could help a brother get the burden off his back
I d love to change the world
If we could change the world
Who’s in charge
If we could change the world
Can’t take your money with you
I d love to change the world
Yes I’d love to change the world wouldn’t every one
Old clothes, a lump of coal, spare change, old clothes, a lump of coal
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