Tønes - Be M'a Little Ray lyrics

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I get lost in space I can’t win the race
I need some help from you
You won’t find the time
It’s the last thing on your mind
I know you don’t care
And I don’t know just when you’ll come round
But when you finally do I’ll be there for you
When you want to…..
It’s a leap we can take
It’s a change we can make
Life’s too short to fight
We only need to feel love
It could be so easy
Do what you do what you do oohwee
But Love just beam a little ray of love
Ok be m’a little ray
It’s a bright day now
All we need to feel is love
Baby come on now
We had such a scream when we were seventeen
I fell in love with you
Oh you don’t know what you’re putting me through
So if you want a little piece of me, a piece of me babe
What do you do when you feel it too
Oh be m’a little, little be m’a,be m’a little ray
And kiss me too I like it
All you’ve got to do is shine
It’s an easy thing just be M’a little ray
Shine on me
Ah over easy shine on me
Just be m’a little ray take the whole day yeh
Be m’a little ray taking the whole day
Come down
If you want peace with me come down and kiss my dog
Come down  and kiss my dog
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