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Tommy Castro - I'm Not Broken lyrics

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I may be down but don’t count me out
Count me in to the bitter end
You know I’m fightin’ an uphill battle
I’m up a creek but I might have a paddle

The water’s high but I'm still floatin’
I may be broke but I’m not broken

I’m just tryin’ to get by
The cost of livin’, too damn high
I can’t catch no kind of break
How much more can I take?

I’m not on fire but I’m still smokin’
I may be broke, you know I am
But I’m not broken

I just put one foot in front of the other
I put my nose to the grindstone and work like a mother
I believe I’m going to make it, I got no doubt
Just as long as I’m breathing in and I’m breathing out
Ooh mercy

The rich get rich and the poor get poor
Wonder who I’m working for
I’ve got no time for sugar coatin’
I may be broke but I’m not broken

I may be broke but I’m not broken
Time is tough yes and I'm not joking
I’m not on fire, yeah, but I’m still smokin’ baby
I may be broke, hey, but I’m not broken
I may be broke, oh, but I’m not broken
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