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Tom Jones - Passion lyrics

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Somebody somewhere
In the heat of the night
Looking pretty dangerous
Running out of patience

Tonight in the city
You won't find any pity
Hearts are being twisted
Another lover cheated

In the bars and the cafes (passion) 
In the streets and the alleys (passion) 
There's a lot of pretending (passion) 
Everybody searching (passion)

Once in love you're never out of danger
One hot night spent with a stranger
And all you wanted was somebody to hold on to, yeah, yeah, yeah
(Passion passion passion passion)

New York, Moscow (passion)
Hong Kong, Tokyo (passion)
Paris and Bangkok (passion)
Everybody ain't got (passion)

There is no passion...
And I need passion
Even the old folks need passion
Even little children want passion
And all you wanted was somebody to hold on to (passion)
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Author: Chen, Cregan, Grainger, Savigar, Stewart, Barry White, Carl Taylor (2), John A. Lopez

Composer: ?

Publisher: Madacy Entertainment LP


Released in: 1996

Language: English

Cover from: Rod Stewart

Appearing on: Songbook (1998) , 40 Golden Love Songs (1998) , The Legend

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