Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw - The Eyes Of A Woman

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He was tough
 And he drank his whiskey straight
 He would fight
 Every night
 If he didn't get his way
 She was kind
 She could find
 All the good in everyone
 And then one day
 She passed his way
 He felt reborn in that mornin' sun
 He saw her face
 She called his name
 And from that moment
 He knew he'd never be the same


 What you can find in the eyes of a woman
 Is a reason to believe
 Look deep inside the eyes of a woman
 See the man you wanna be

 I'd been down
 Kicked around
 The world had got the best of me
 Out of rope
 Little hope
 I'd never get back on my feet
 She took my hand
 Said Yes you can
 One look at her
 And I'm a brand new man

 (repeat chorus)

 Oh when I feel the need for
 Just one look
 I find my salvation

 (repeat chorus)

 See the man you wanna be
 See the man, see the man, you wanna be
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