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Tim McGraw - Refried Dreams guitar chord

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Refried Dreams
Tim McGraw

Intro:    Gb    Db    Gb    Db

Verse 1 :
    Last monday morning you left with no warning
    B                      Gb
    I started going insane, i headed south out of Dairyo Texas
         Ab                                       B - C#
    one hell of a load on my brain
    i kept on going without even knowing
    B                                          Ab
    how much your love really means
                 Gb                              Db                  Gb
  now i'm messed up in mexico,  livin' on refried dreams

             B                                  E           B
     I'm down here in mexico as sick as a dog
       Gb                                       Db                Gb
     My head is poundin' in this border - town fog
     Down to my last dime,
             Gb                                       B - C#
     and comin' apart at the seams
             Gb                              Db                    Gb
     I'm messed up in mexico,  livin' on refried dreams

       Db       Gb     Db

verse 2 :
     This picture ain't pretty, i'm ragged and dirty
              B                                   Gb
     and wonderin  what i'm doin here

      shootin tequilla and wantin' to kill ya
              Ab                                     B - C#
      and wishin to God you were near
      so full of your memories but feelin so empty
             B                            Ab
      I've run out of my self esteem
                Gb                               Db                 Gb
  now i'm messed up in mexico, livin on refried dreams

Repeat chorus 2x :

outro:   Gb  Db   Gb   Db    Gb
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Author: ?

Composer: ?

Publisher: Curb Records, Inc.


Released in: 1994

Language: English

Appearing on: Not a Moment to Soon (1994)

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