Thou - the girl she was lyrics

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And then I wear a blue shirt 
instead of being naked and unaware
About the problems that I would have had
When I went naked on the street instead. 
And soon she lays down her head
Dreams about the things she used to say
During the week during the day
All kind of things she tried to say
To people of the street and far away
And in a most peculiar phrase
She tries to tell the story about
The woman she is, the girl she was. 

And then a girl interrupts my day
She's quite sure about the things she says
How she felt and that she could have been
My most precious little drag queen 

And soon she lays down her head

So don't tell me that I should understand
How to behave, how to be a man
Don't try to hug me as a friend 
Go flirting with another man 

And soon…
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Author: Bart Vincent, Does De Wolf

Composer: ?

Publisher: Thou Music


Released in: 2002

Language: English

Appearing on: Elvis Or Betty Boop (2002)

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