Thor - Metal Avenger

Thor - Metal Avenger

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Published by: Deadline

Published in: 2015

Release type: Full CD

  • Out of Controlmet Jussi Lehtisalo (Submit)
  • Metal Avengermet Eddie Clarke (Submit)
  • Kings of Thunder and Lightningmet Scott Carlson (Submit)
  • Master of Revengemet Henry Rollins (Submit)
  • Destructmet Brian Forsythe (Submit)
  • The Hammermet Jay Jay French (Submit)
  • Taste of Victorymet Betsy Bitch en Rikk Agnew (Submit)
  • Heavy Load (Submit)
  • Legions of the Psykon Worldmet Jack Starr (Submit)
  • Drivemet Cheetah Chrome (Submit)
  • Stars Upon Starsmet Betsy Bitch (Submit)
  • T.H.O.R.met Joey Shithead (Submit)
  • Atomic Manmet Peter Stj?rnvind (Submit)
  • Wings of Destinymet Niklas St?lvind (Submit)
  • Law of the Universe (Submit)
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