The Suicide Machines

The Suicide Machines - S guitar tab

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suicide machine
    A    C     G     D

Intro:  A  C  G  A  D  D  (x2)

(ska rhythm)  A    C  G


A                    C            G
i take a look around i don't like what i see
A                     C                     G
a bunch of people who don't know *** about unity

(same chords)
i see right through your skin you say you see through mine
so pelase explain to me why we fight all the time

Bridge1 (screw around with the notes in the chords) :

D                  C
i can't take it anymore this is bothering me
D                              C           G
got people killing each other, why does it have to be?

i wish i knew i really wish i knew
these people?????????? (that line's not in the lyric sheet)


D                  C          D                        C
it's a bomb with a short fuse and i know it seems like no use
D                        C       D                 C   G
the tension's bulding a reaction this is a call to action


  A         C    G  A         C   G  A         C   G  A
SOS we need help  SOS we need help SOS we need help SOS
        C   G
we need help!

man's inhumanity towards another man
is man's insanity and ignorance again
and now the time has come to stop what's goin on
the hatred's building up exploding like a bomb

repeat PreChorus

repeat CHORUS


A  C  G (sorry, i dont know any of the solos)

repeat preChorus

repeat CHORUS

end on A
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