The Only Ones

The Only Ones - Special View lyrics

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I don't know, I don't wanna know

Every time you're making love to someone 

That's OK , you're far away

And you can discreetly have fun

Now I'm hopin, you left the curtains open

And you're leavin' the lights on

I cant cope, I got my telescope

And I'm reaching new heights on…

This Special View -- Oh Such a Special View

Then it's all over 

And I can't help feelin lost without you

Near me, you can't hear me

Whisper words of love about you

It's kinda galling

T see that brute mauling

Your soft delicate figure

That's the price you have to pay

Fraid there is no other way

This thing is gonna get bigger & bigger


Feeling Come & feelings go

It's so hard to define them

On some occasions I lose my patience

And I slip out of alignment

If I say I'm sorry 

Don't take this pleasure from me…

This is something really thrills me,

But same time it kills me


Special View …. Special View-oo oo hooh hoo
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