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The Mission - Sacrilege lyrics

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Terror strewn across the floor
Fate creeps under the creaking door
Say farewell to this Holidays
Until now for the needle haze
Scars... Scars start to show
But don't... Don't despair for the shame I know

Bible for the loving damned
Religion for the pagan man
Faith and prayer for the chosen few
Mystic shades of violent hues
Blood... Blood on my cheeks
And the Taste... The taste of ash kills cross my tongue

Sacrilege! Burning on the funeral path!
Sacrilege! Toss and turn on the cross to burn!

Rape and pillage the sacred word
Heart of darkness ground and stirred
Ride a posse's reckless woe
Fruit for being {and ritual slow}
You... What can you do?
And I... I say there's nothing you can do to stop this

(repeat 1st verse-but scream it!)
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Author: Craig Adams, Mick Brown, Simon Hinkler, Wayne Hussey

Composer: ?

Publisher: Receiver Records Limited


Released in: 1986

Language: English

Appearing on: Gods Own Medicine (1986)

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