The Matches

The Matches - E. Von Dahl Killed the Locals

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Published by: Epitaph / Ada

Published in: 2004

Release type: Full CD

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Many Matches fans were turned on to them by seeing them live due to their excessive touring and awesome live shows. If this is true for you then you know that the Matchs pour all of their energy into their music. This is completely true and noticable on EVDKTL. Every song on this stunning debut is packed with charisma and talent. Sick Little Suicide is a heavy track loaded with almost metaly guitar riffs from their lead guitarist Jon and if you listen closely you can pick out the intricate bass line layed down by Justin. Shawn's great vocals echo throughout the track stamping it with their pop-punk style. Lighter tracks like Chain Me Free ring with lighthearted romance and make you want to bounce with their infectious hooks. As a local of their home turf I can identify so closely with Audio Blood that every time I hear it I remember hearing that song for the first time while moshing along to it in a tightly packed venue known as imusicast where they continue to play occasionaly and where my band play's now. Even if you're not from the Bay Area, anyone who's seen them live understands what Audio Blood is about. The Jack Slap Cheer, a light hearted ode to masturbation is so fun to listen to (I swear, it causes me great pleasure to listen to this song ;)) that you'll play it over and over again for a week. I promise. One of the most unique songs on the album is Eryn Smith. It begins with mock hip-hop beat boxing and continues in to a breaky bass line supported by digitalized drums and powerful and swift vocals. Just in case you're wondering what the album title is about I'll tell you: before the matches were the matches, befoer they were big, they were called the locals. There happened to be another band in Chicago called the Locals who threatened to sue if they didn't change their name. The Chicago Locals were fronted by a woman named Yvonne Doll. It doesn't take an Einstein to put two and two together. If Yvonne has picked up this album yet, she's probably kicking herself over the agony considering that the Loclas have gone nowhere.

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