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#THIS IS THE MODERN WORLD - THE JAMINTRO    |A  D A|A  D A|G     |VERSE    |C     |G     |C     |F  G  |C     |G     |C     |C7    |MID EIGHT(i)    |Am    |F     |Am    |F     |Am    |F     |D     |F  G  |VERSEMID EIGHT(ii)    |Am    |F     |Am    |F     |Am    |F     |D     |G  A  |CHORUS    |D     |E     |A     |B  G A|D     |E     |A     |Bm    |G     |G     |G     |G     |SOLO    |----------10-12--12b14b12--12b14b12--12b14b12--12po10----12b14b12--12b14b12--12po10|    |-14b16------------------------------------------------12---------------------------|    |-------13--------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |----15b16--------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |12--------14-12-14-12--10--------10--------10------8--10--------10--------10-------|    |-----------------------12b14b12--12b14b12--12po10-----12b14b12--12b14b12--12po10--7|    |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------|    |G     |G     |G     |G     |VERSEMID EIGHT(ii)OUTRO    |D     |E     |A     |B  G A|D     |E     |A     |A     |A     |A     |D     |E     |    |A     |Bm    |G     |G     |G     |G     |A  D A|A  D A|A  D A|LYRICS    INTRO    This is a modern world, This is the modern world.    VERSE 1    What kind of fool do you think I am?    To think I know nothing of the modern world.    MID EIGHT(i)    All my life it's been the same,    I've learnt to live by hate and pain,    It's my inspiration trap.    VERSE 2    I've learnt more than you'll ever know,    Even at school I felt quite sure,    MID EIGHT(ii)    That one day I would be on top,    Another dot upon the map,    The teachers who said I be nothing!    CHORUS    This is the modern world that I've learnt ab
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