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The Jam - Sounds From The Street

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Sounds from the street, sounds so sweet
What's my name?
It hurts my brain to think

Sounds from the city, sound so pretty
Young bands playing
Young kids digging - And I dig them

The USA's got the sea
Yeah, but the British kid's got the streets
I don't mind, the city's right
Sounds from the street, sounds just fine

I know I come from Woking and you say I'm a fraud
But my heart's in the city, where it belongs

Words from the voices
Rock and roll rejoices
It's something new, it's something young for a change

Sounds from the street, they sound so sweet
They gotta take notice
Why should they stop us?  We don't need them

We're never gonna change a thing
And the situation's rapidly decreasing
But what can I do?
I'm trying to be true
That's more than you, at least I'm doing something
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Author: Paul Weller

Composer: ?

Publisher: Universal Music Operations Ltd.


Released in: 1977

Language: English

Appearing on: Fire and Skill (2015) , Fire and Skill (2015) , Fire and Skill (2015) , In the City (1977) , Direction Reaction Creation (1997)

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