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The Jam - Saturdays Kids guitar chord

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Transcribed by Shaun Hand,
  3rd October 2000, 9.43pm


From the LP 'Setting Sons'

Chords used:

G:   355433    A:     577655
C:   x3555x    F:     133211
D:   x5777x    Gsus4: xx5533
E:   022100
C#m: x46654

N.C. (Riff 1 x4)

G C D (x2)


G                    C         D
Saturday's boys live life with insults,
G                               C         D
Drink lots of beer and wait for half-time results.
E                    C#m
Afternoon tea in the lite-a-bite,
A                  D
Chat up the girls, they dig it!

G                        C           D
Saturday's girls work in Tesco's and Woolworths,
G                          C        D
Wear chep perfume cos it's all they can afford.
E                        C#m
Got to discos they drink Babycham,
A                D
Talk to Jan - in bingo accents.

G C D (x2)
La la la...

G                       C       D
Saturday's kids play on one arm bandits,
G                          C       D
They never win, but that's not the point is it?
E                                 C#m
Get themselves a paper when their pints go flat,
A                 D
How about that? - Far out, man!

G                         C           D
Their mums and dads smoke Capstan non-filters,
G                        C          D
Wallpaper lives cos they all die of cancer,
E               C#m
What goes on? - what goes wrong?

A                         D
Save up their money for a holiday,
A                 D
To Selsey Bill or Bracklesham Bay,
A                             D
Think about the future - when they'll settle down
A                               D
Marry the girl next door - with one on the way.

These are the real creatures that time has forgot,
Not given a thought.
E                 F                                    G
It's the system - hate the system - what's the syste - m?

G C D (x4)

G Gsus4 (x4)

G                       Gsus4                G                 Gsus4
Saturday's kids live in council houses, wear V-neck shirts and baggy trousers,
G                       C       D            G                 C     D
Saturday's kids live in council houses, wear V-neck shirts and baggy trousers.

G C D (x2)

E                   C#m
Drive Cortina's fur trimmed dashboard,
A                     D
Stains on the seats - in the back of course!

G C D (x8)
la, la, la
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Author: Paul Weller

Composer: Paul Weller

Publisher: Polydor Ltd (UK)


Released in: 2012

Language: English

Appearing on: Direction Reaction Creation (1997) , Gold (2005)

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