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The Jam - Planners Dream Goes Wrong guitar chord

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8th October 2000, 10.55pm


Written by Paul Weller

From the LP 'The Gift' (Polydor, 1982)

Personally, I think this song is well underrated.

Chords used:

F:  133211    A:  577655
Bb: 688766    Cm: x35543
C:  x3555x
Eb: x6888x
Dm: x57765

F Bb (x2)

Bb                F
Letting loose the lunatics -
Bb                  F
Wasn't the greatest of ideas.
C                     F
Giving them plans and money to squander -
                 Eb  Dm           F
Should have been the worst of our fears.

Bb                  F
And the dream life, luxury living
Bb             F
Was a pleasant number ten whim,
C                      F
But somewhere down the lines of prduction,
Eb            Dm    Bb
They left out human needs.

They were gonna build communities -
       Dm          C      A
It was going to be pie in the sky -
        Cm                       F
But the piss stench hallways and broken down lifts say,
    Eb       Dm         Bb
The planners dream went wrong.

F Bb (x2)

If people were meant to live in boxes -
Dm             C     A
God would have given them string -
Cm                F
To tie around themselves at bed time -
               Eb             Dm          Bb
And stop their dreams falling through the ceiling.

Bb             F
And the public schoolboy computers -
Bb           F
Keep spewing out our future -
    Bb                               F
The house in the country designs the 14th floor.
Bb                       F
Old Mrs. Smith don't get out much more.
Bb                         F
Coitus interruptus 'cos of next doors rows.
    Bb                                F
And your washing gets nicked when the lights go out.
C                      F
Baby's scream in their nightmare throng -
        Eb                  Dm                  Eb    Dm Bb
But the planners just get embarrased when their plans go wrong.
        Eb             Dm                  Eb    Dm Bb
Ah, the planners get embarrased when their plans go wrong.
        Eb             Dm                  Eb    Dm Bb
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